Style Hit of The Week: Solange Knowles

There is a lot to be said about the natural growth into woman hood. In this case i think i can some it all up by applauding Solange Knowles as one of my favorite fashion icons. Yep, i said fashion ICON. I must say never in a million years did i expect to see a Knowles (no disrespect) with a fashion sense that i anticipated just on some regular everyday sh-t. But apparently Solange has a fashion sense that waters my mouth beyond magazines and stylist.

Solange in all honesty doesn't have to do a thing (in my eyes) to separated herself from her sister. To me, two different women, two different levels of taste and so on. Solange style is daring, elegant, tasteful and its always extremely classic. She's a twist of hippie, hipster meets soccer mom and southern belle (without being soulful). I love every bit of it! (one hippie to the next) Solange's eye for color and mixing and matching patterns brings me a great abundance of joy (partially because I believe every color matches) Not only that but the confidence she's been giving since this new hair cut is in every way, i believe apart of her new womanhood.
Solange's style is simply Amazing! Many will judge but only few can understand. Her sense is so regal and sophisticated yet young and crude at the same time. I could go on and on about this weeks Style Hit of the week but you can judge for yourself. Very few people tend to understand that the simple pieces are what makes a classic and eye catching look. You don't need any and every antic to pull off a look. Solo understands that is working it well! She does it so well, that she always give me model mode. Maybe she should also take up modeling!! Either way*tear I Love this woman


Keith said…
These are great photos of Solange. I actually have always liked her better than her sis. Enjoy the weekend.

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