10 MUST ASK questions in the Beginning of a New Relationship

We would all like to make the beginning stages of a relationship easy but that's always the hardest part. It takes a strong beginning to work at building towards a healthy relationship. Not only does it take work but more importantly it takes knowing who you are and what you want so that you wont get caught up in what you think is your prize. To help you out i am offering you ten questions i always ask in the beginning. Personally, i don't do surprises and i don't like being made a fool of. But either way check out these question:

  • Do you have a relationship with God? Going to church and having a relationship with God has little to do with each other theses days. It is an important question to the beginning of a healthy spiritual relationship between two people. 
  • Do you have any children? Or do you want to have any children? You must know from the gate whether or not the person your interested in eventually wants a family. Its a waste of time if one of you want kids and the other doesn't. Ask Jennifer Aninston! You don't have to be equally yoked but you must want the same basic lifestyle
  • What are your views on marriage? It isn't rocket science. For some people marriage is a wedding, some its just having a verbal commitment. Make sure that person views marriage, its boundaries and its importance the way you do! 
  • What do you do for a living or what are your career goals? Now I'm sorry i know people always get upset when asked this question. However its extremely valid. If you want a relationship with some kind of motivation and/or structure, you better make sure your partner has the drive to make even the littlest goal seem small.

  • What is your credit history? Honey, there needs to be no surprises if you later down the line want to move in together, buy a home or car and find out their credit is jacked. You need to know for the advancement of the financial success as a couple. 
  • Have you ever been to jail, prison, any drugs habits, etc? Again, don't surprise anyone with who you used to be or who you are. Trust that it will come back around and the outcome of someone not knowing this question might have you back in the slammer or on drugs. 
  • Do you have any children that you do not father or mother? Yes its important because its a character and integrity question. What do i look like being with a man or woman who can father/mother my child, but not their own blood? You'd be a fool to believe... 
  • Are you married, separated or divorced? Some people don't care but personally if he ain't divorced and got papers to prove it. You can't do a damn thing for me! Now some people are okay with being legally separated however keep in mind when something is over and the parties involved can't maturely let go, you may be let go. And if you sign up for a man you know is married, You're not only trifling but remember "how you get em is how you'll lose em." You ain't Alicia Keys nor is this ish cute. 
  • Do you own any disease (AIDS, HIV, etc etc)? You would be a fool to not ask this question! If i have to explain why...Get your mind right. 
  • What are you looking for? This should be the second question asked. Because if your looking to just have sex and their looking for some serious. Do NOT waste your time. Laying around with everyone ain't cute, if your wondering why refer to question #9


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