Awareness: HELP 'BUY LIFE'

Many of y'all know i don't to much rock with Alicia Keys anymore but i had to do a post around her 'Keep a Child Alive' campaign.One because i give monthly and two because i believe in what it represents. She however has a new “Buy Life” program.  The program, benefits not only children living with HIV/Aids but to provide nutrition, shelter, education and basic needs worldwide The campaign includes people using their celebrity; Ryan Seacrest, Katie Holmes, Willow and Jaden Smith,Usher, Kim Kardashian  and of course A. Keys.

You can actually scan the bar code on the T-Shirt by using Stickybits or WiMO and instantly make the purchase of a lifetime.You can also purchase a fully scannable “BUY LIFE” t-shirt and invite others to buy life wherever you go. This shirt not only looks good, but every scan does the world good.

I'm just asking you guys to support the program and get more information by clicking here


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