Style Hit of the Week: Halle Berry

There is ONLY on person who is fly from the red carpet to her workout and that is none other than MS. Halle Berry!! I have been meaning to post Ms. Berry from months now but i wanted to wait. Don't ask me why, but she is the Queen of someone who understands fashion and how things look on her body type. How you noticed how she makes a dress look so casually done at times? Like if asked how she does it, she'd say 'this ole thing.' Lol.

Halle is always very simple, classic and sexy. She knows when to say when and when to let it all hang out.She's very sophisticated and she knows how to work luxurious and soft fabrics very well.She wears simple and classic jewelry, never big, flashy or over-done. Ms Berry is one of my favorite 'celebs' simply off her personality but when it comes to her sense of fashion, she just may bull doze a lot of people off the radar. I don't know if she has a permanent stylist or what but until she says otherwise i'm going to believe its all her. If it's all Halle, i must say she could have a side gig in fashion. Dang near everything she wears I'd buy.


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