Favorite new artist K. Michelle

The audio above is just K. Michelle giving her 'Testimony.' I've been hearing about K. Michelle for a few years in Atlanta and in Memphis. So i did a little digging and i fell in love with her voice. I did a spotlight on K. Michelle a while back and she thanked me for it just on some GP(good people) Ish. I've heard a lot more of her tracks and i really love a lot of them.She's can sing her butt off and she is her own artist. Though, there are moments when her stylist gives me a bit of old Keyshia Cole. I'm still loving where her career is going, just as a fan. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Her! Whats she stands for and more...Check her out

(I Just can't do this)

More of my favorites: Where They Do That At
Met Yo Match


Keith said…
Thanks for sharing that. So beautiful. I had not heard her before.

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