Heads Up!

I wanted to give everyone a heads up because so many people over the past year and months have asked me why i haven't been blogging as much as i used to? There are so many reasons to answer that question but the most important one is that I've been writing a book. As many of you may know, I'm in the process of editing one novel, typing up the second, which is hand written and three chapters into the third.

It's far from an excuse, however writing (well,writing has been easy, the rest is the hard part) has been one of the hardest things I've done to date and I'm extremely focused on every aspect of it. Whats been even harder is seeing many people that i know publish books. While I'm still taking my time. I'm in many ways a bit hesitate because this is something I've wanted my whole life and i don't like feeling like I'm part of a ban wagon parade.Kinda like blogging and rapping! LoL, Though i have many thoughts and ideas running through my mind, I'm a perfectionist and i want my books to be worth the read and a good representation of who i am and my talents.OUTSIDE of blogging! Its been many nights of insomnia, loss of appetite and disappearing acts but its all been done unselfishly! 

God willing, I plan on having the first book completed soon. Honestly that could change because it's really up to God and he is the headliner, not me! I've been spending a lot of time going back and forth on whether or not i want to self-publish or find a publishing house, only because i have a huge issue with selling the rights to my work.However, Ive decided to not self publish and I'll start my search for a book agent in the coming months. I want to make sure I've completed the first manuscript just in case they ask for it in full.

So i hope I've answered the questions that many of you email, blackberry message or call me about. They will be released in my government name, not AutumnJones. I will keep you all posted but until then here are the titles of the books so far;

(1st ) Lombardijones
(2nd) Southern Hospitality (will change)
(3rd) In Every Eva


Anonymous said…
YES! I'm excited, can't wait. Congrats :)

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