Style Hit of the Week: Andre Benjamin

 I said before that i would make and attempt to post more men for the Style hit of the week. This week hands down had to go to Andre 3000. I really don't have to say much when it comes to Mr. Benjamin's style because it speaks beyond words. His style is so effortless and done with elegance, if that can even explain a man's sense of style.Honestly, i could type all day but what really would be the point as we all can agree without a doubt that Andre 3000 wins his category and others for style, sexiness and intelligence. He's ability to mix and match patterns and colors really makes my mouth water. I love a man in CHUCKS! I also a man who is with out of fear of what other will say about his 'manhood' because of his eclectic-ness(sp).

Andre 3000  has always brought  me joy but he has especially done so post Erykah Badu! But we will stick to fashion...Andre i say hands down is one of the most darling, confident men on the planet. He's a bit of a hippie and ya'll know i love a hippie and a sophisticated one at that. Andre is very charismatic in his approach and hes not afraid of colors, patterns and more obviously hats.In the past he's called his own style “classic spontaneity” or “rebel gentleman.” What this means, in effect, is doing a little remix. Andre has and will continue to make his mark on culture! I for one really appreciate his every thought. Wonder if he smells good? hmmmm...


EbStarr said…
I <3 Andre with every thing I have!!! His style is so timeless and effortless...Bueno choice:)

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