Style Hit of the Week: Demi Moore

Not only is Demi Moore one of my favorite 'celebs' but she's also someone who i wait to see on the red carpet! I love her sense of ease and class when she picks out and outfit. She puts a lot of mothers to shame Fashion wise.She's never over dressed and always appropriately dressed and she stuns. I notice also that like most girls Demi has her favorites accessories that she wears out a lot. Like the black clutch she's carrying in several of the pictures posted. 

Though Demi is a more petite woman, no matter what she wears she presents it with such confidence that you'd hardly realize how petite she is, unless you attempted to hug her. Demi is a very simple, down-to-earth, girl next door woman and it shows in her fashion. She presents elegance,sex appeal, class and clean cut in a way that sometimes can read as unapproachable. But im quite sure that she is approachable as far as personality. Which is also noticeable in her fashion sense. She's girlie, playful, sexy, young hearted and witty. Her sense of fashion is very intriguing and cute. I love it, i love her and she is this weeks Style Hit of the Week!


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