Taraji P. Henson says "Women are better at balancing life" in Complex Mag Interview

Men say: Making me wait for sex doesn't mean there's a better chance for a long-term relationship.

Taraji P. Henson: If a woman’s sleeping with this dude one night, another guy the next, no one’s taking her seriously. If you don’t give it up, he doesn’t have that power. We get men’s attention when we close our legs. For me, it’s not a game. I’m seeing what I can put up with. I’m not perfect, but I need to know if I’m going to like you on the days when I don’t want to like you.

Men say: Women handle money better than men.

Taraji P. Henson: We’re just more responsible, and we’re organizers. It’s also our history: Man went out and hunted, gathered food or money, and women ran the household. We birth the baby—“Get out, bye baby!”—and then we keep it moving. Women are better at balancing life and wearing multiple hats, especially single mothers like me. (source)


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