AutumnJones Wants You to Meet: Mack Aao

What was your first gig and how did it make you feel at that moment? 
My first gig was my Album release party for "THE LIGHT" cd. It was so packed that they stopped letting people in the venue...It felt Crazy! like I was a Rapper or something...

Your originally from Newark, NJ. How did that influence your musically style? A lot of great talent has come out of that area. How do you separate yourself from the rest of them?
I think the main influence is the versatility it gave me. To survive in Newark you gotta be Street smart, Book Smart, Have Common sense and a Hustler's Mind State..I think what separates me is I'm never afraid to take risks and think outside the box..

How did your name come about and what does it stand for? 
AAO has been my way of life long before I started music. It stands for Against All Odds.

What is your creating process? What inspires you?
First I gotta Really feel the beat, then I try to find out what the music is saying.. I'm Inspired by Greatness..

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Personally & professionally? 
In 10 years I'll probably be coaching little kids in basketball, and professionally on to the next masterpiece.. I might run for President..

How has relocating to Atlanta affected your music? 
Both bad and good. It made me more Versatile as well as more open to different sounds. So when i go up North I don't sound like your Typical Up North artist and when I'm in the Atl i don't sound like a down South artist. I'm Placeless

You also have a T-shirt line, how did that come about and what are your long term plans? 
My first AAO shirt had the saying "I Just Look Like This" and people would always ask questions about it, so being a Marketing Major it made sense as way to promote my Brand and movement.. Who doesn't feel AAO at some point in their life? My Tshirts gives those people Super powers to do impossible things :)

If you were not a musician what would you be doing? 
Coaching Basketball

You have released several mixtapes. How do you feel about the way people have over saturated the industry trying to make something happen, kind of like how Drake did.
I feel like whatever your Grind is you gotta go Hard at it, theres no one way to do anything just do what works for you..

What motivate you to continue and stay in your own lane?
The only way i know, i do music from my heart, I didn't get into the game with the expectations of getting rich. if that comes so be it but the love that I've received from people that feel my music is priceless

Is there anything else you'd like people to know about you? 
I'm a BIG FAN of yours.. and cool people like you :)
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