....Welll peeps it's been awhile... I know. i know you're thinking. "Where in the helll has AutumnJones been?" Man honestly i don't even know where to start, let alone what to tell and what not to tell. I guess I'll start with right now. I have FINALLY began to embark on my Master's to become a licensed and practicing Therapist. So far this first semester has been okay, however i do know its going to be a lot as i look ahead.. I'm working as an Assistant Manager at the Dollar Tree and lord knows i could tell you some things about the stuff that goes on there but I'll just say it's a job. I clock in, do my work and Clock out and leave it all there. I kind of sorta have a new boo who's is completely opposite of anything or any one I've ever dated (In some cases) But he's cool...ITS STILL NEW! Ive completed one of my novels and though i didn't want to began my search for an agent until i completed four all together. Ive decided to not keep putting off what could be done today...So the search has begun!

I said all this to say, that i will start back bloggiong very soon, maybe not entertainment though... I'm kinda over celebrities and their lives.. I want to discuss everyday lives, i will still highlight and interview success stories. I will also be posting a lot of my art work to sale... I'm no Swizz Beats or Basquiat but im aiiightt.. lol


-Mo said…
YAY, cause I've missed you!!!

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