AWARENESS: Breast Cancer!!!

The month of October  is celebrated for various reason, three of which are extremely close to my heart. Breast Cancer Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness and Arts and Humanities Awareness are three aspects of this month i want to draw a bit of attention to..In this post i will briefly discuss BREAST CANCER, It's risks, symptoms and a little extra.

A few years back one of my close childhood friends lost her mom to Breast Cancer and up until that point it wasn't a big issue to me because as always "We are unconcerned until it hits closer to home." But to actually have to sit back, listen, watch and be empathic to someone suffer from something that in this case, they had no control over was hard to do. We hear a lot about Breast cancer and cancer in general but honestly up until that point i really never knew what it actually was. As i did a little research internet sources say Breast cancer is a cancer originating from breast tissues, most commonly from the inner lining of milk ducts or the lobules that supply the ducts with milk. I guess to put it in simplest form, it is a Malignant tumour in the breast. Breast cancer is not something that is just closed to women, both men and woman can get breast cancer and even certain mammals. Some reports say that the early stages of breast cancer usually do not have.  It's not until the tumour starts to grow that symptons began. From there symptoms may included; 1)Breast lump or lump in the armpit that is hard, has uneven edges, and usually does not hurt. 2)Change in the size, shape, or feel of the breast or nipple -- for example, you may have redness, dimpling, or puckering that looks like the skin of an orange. 3)Fluid coming from the nipple -- may be bloody, clear to yellow, green, and look like pus.

Some of the RISKS of BREAST CANCER are;
1) Age and gender
2)Family history of breast cancer
3) Genes
4) Menstrual cycle
5) To much alcohol use
6) Child birth
7) DES -- Women who took diethylstilbestrol (DES) to prevent miscarriage
8) Radiation
9) Obesity.

Breast implants, using antiperspirants, and wearing under wire bras do not raise your risk for breast cancer and there is no proven evidence of a direct link between breast cancer and pesticides.

I know this isn't much but to get more information on BREAST CANCER check out or  Susan G. Komen

The month of October also celebrates the following observations;
  • National Pork 
  • Clergy Appreciation 
  • Pregnancy Loss and Infant Loss Awareness 
  • Filipino American History
  • National Arts & Humanities 
  • Domestic Violence Awareness
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender History 
(Info via the worldwide web & photo via Actress Kathleen Vaughn Crosby)


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