Style Hit of The Week: Julia Sarr-Jamois

My beautiful people it's been so long since I've given you a Style Hit of the Week! But i'mmmm bizzackkk and this one may just be the Style Hit of the Century! Well, where do i start? hmmm, Okay so Julia Sarr-Jamois (fashion editor for Wonderland magazine) has been my girl crush for about a year and a half now! My only problem with the BOLD soul is that she smokes (Womp..womp) But i nearly am on the edge of my seat when i see her in magazines as well as random shots of her on the street!

Julia's style completely color's outside of the lines! I mean honestly how many people do you know that can go from Biker Chic to Relaxed Cool, to Hollywood Glam to Urban Prep and the only thing that never switches up is her swag. EFFORTLESS! I LOVE Admire and Adore, how she infuses denim, color and accessories to pull off something that appears to the naked eye as EASY fashion! Her tribute to  fashion is just FREAKING awesome and she does it all with that dang-on Cancer stick. That she even makes attractive (Well, not really but you get me!) Julia is a "Friend in my head" and she actually resembles one of my close friends from high school, who also models named Hawa! Julia's style is every bit of the word Unique It in many ways for me represents this fascinating sense of FREEDOM of Individuality! ....I could gush about her all day but for now, i'll let you all be the judge!


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