What inspired you to get into the jewelry industry?
Several reasons... #1 being that I've always always been drawn to jewelry and always wanted to have my own store #2 living in NYC and watching so many around me, most importantly, my husband- step outside the box and pursuit their dreams and be successful at it.

Is there anything in particularly you look for when selecting a designer to carry?
Unique design, quality production, brands w positive missions

What are your plans or goals for STONEnyc?
There's so much in the works for STONEnyc! We look forward to growing and expanding the brand, bringing more exclusive designers to the forefront, the launch of the STONEnyc collection.

What made you decide to sale independent designers?
I've always sort of deviated from the trend so I've always been a hunter and gatherer of gorgeous one of a kind jewels. I wanted to share my discoveries w other women who create their own style and appreciate statement pieces.

Who inspires your jewelry fashion sense?
My grandmother, Christine. Think: ray of light, diamond, bold, beauty, feminine, creative

What about jewelry stands out for you more so than anything that you wanted to open your own boutique?
Jewelry is powerful. One piece can transition your entire look. Plus, it's beautiful and can make u feel even more beautiful when wearing it!

How is it now managing a new baby on top of the boutique?
Busy but gratifying. He's in my arms as I type!

Has the boutique opened you to the possibility of being a stylist or getting into fashion?

Who is the STONEnyc fanatic?
The woman who is just that, womanly. The STONEnyc woman is beautiful, wearing many hats; mother, career woman, counselor, motivator, friend, daughter, sister. She's not afraid to be in her own skin and create a style that is uniquely her own!

What are some of your biggest sellers and what do you see being this summers biggest sellers?
Leather bamboos are very popular. Love these raw stone rings that we have coming in this month

What sets you apart from others in your industry?
We are true to our brand.., truly providing unique, quality jewelry that you are guaranteed not to see many other places.

What advice would you give anyone who is looking to get into the jewelry industry?
Be prepared, have a plan, stay passionate

Where do you see yourself and the company in 10 years?
All over! With several brick and mortar boutiques, a fabulous roster of designers and The STONEnyc collection high demand

For more information on STONEnyc


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