AUTUMNJONES WANTS YOU TO MEET: Freelance Writer & DTP Assistant/Writer Tawni S. Fears

Before we start please tell us everything you do. And how do you prioritize?
I work full time at Disturbing Tha Peace Records. I run my own freelance writing company, The Tawni Logues, where I offer services such as bios, editing, press releases, product descriptions, and more.  I contribute to sites and publications. Right now is the one I write for weekly. On top of that I have a busy social life, between celebrations for friends and family, and my personal life, but I'm a pretty organized person. I just make it work. Some weekends I may have to make three stops the same day. I'm very big on support. If you're in my life I make sure I make you feel like it. My career aspirations will never take the place of love, family, and friends. I need all of that to be successful.

What inspired you to start your own freelance writing service?

I've been writing since I was a child, 6 to be exact. I pushed it to the back somewhat when I got to college, but it never left me. My dad stayed on me about my love for writing he saw in me. I got my first gig with gospel artist Kierra Sheard, writing a press release. After that, the name and idea for my company just came to me.

Some of your clients range from Jasmine Guy, Kiki Sheard to Pj Morton. How do you get clients? do they contact you?
Those clients you named all came about because of my sister-in-law Tina Fears of Stage Ready. She contracted me to do the writing. We're both dreamers and both support one another. She got me my first job with Kierra Sherad. The majority of my other jobs come from referrals, social networking sites, and other people on the industry trusting my skills to get the job done. Many times its people I’ve seen a few times, they find out what I do, and they give me a chance.

Some of what you do involves public relations. Do you consider yourself a public relations service provider as well?
I've been asked about going into PR a few times. While I do most of the writing that those in PR do, I can't do their job. My lane is freelance writing, and I stick to that. I may expand as the years go on, but I believe in doing what's meant for you. Right now that's writing.

Your full time career is working for DTP. You have been there for a while now. Is there ever a conflict of interest when you have am opportunity to do something different?
DTP has been a big part of why I have some of the clientele that I do. The relationships I've built over the past 6 years have helped me see my passions come to life. When I'm at work, it's about DTP. I even do some writing that goes out to the blogs and sites for the label.  After work I am writing bios, editing, doing interviews, or going to events to network. I keep it all separate, but it’s all for one big goal.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
In ten years I want to be doing what's for me. It's hard to say what that will be because I'm letting God and my dreams guide me. I want to be running my own company full time, I do know that. Maybe have a book of two under my belt. But honestly the sky is the limit. I won't even limit myself by what I speak into my future. I just hope and pray its good things.

What can future clients expect from you personally and professionally?
Future clients can expect me to go and take classes in writing. I believe in continuous learning and improvement. They can expect the same prompt service and quality work. I also plan to grow as a woman as well. The more I grow the better businesswoman I will become.

What advice would you give someone looking to do freelance writing?
When people come to me I tell them to come up with a plan, pray on it, and execute. Get to know the individuals that do what you want to do. Write for free, if you see it paying off down the road. Stick with it. Improve on your skills. Don't give up.
Have you ever had to turn down an opportunity because it didn't fit your standards?
Yes. On some occasions the people that come to me don't have the right energy. If it doesn't feel right, I don't consider the money. All money isn't good money, as they say.

What is your ultimate career goal?
I want to become a major editor, possibly an author, and make The Tawni Logues known worldwide. But I want to stand out as a woman of character more than anything else.

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