Style Hit of The Week: Janelle Monae

I guess you can say this was eventually coming... Yes! I am a huge fan of Janelle but I'm also a huge fan of how she chooses to express herself. Many may say there's nothing different about how she chooses to dress due to her strict format of black and white. But that alone is dope to me and I love that she can wear the HELL out of a suit!! If the way she dresses was not enough that hair is AWESOMENESS!!!

Back when I first became a fan of Janelle she was very colorful and soulful. Things since then have evolved and as we see in recent times a lot has evolved with Janelle, even her music is changing. Her style is always so crisp, clean and neat. She very charming and jazzy! Her makeup is never over done but very natural. I'll just cut to the chase, I love the simplicity of her style all around.



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