The Gamble

Have you ever expected so much more from someone? Apparently more than they are willing to give you?... Okay so I'm not alone.. Sigh, that feels a lot better. I have been coming into situations where I am given my absolute all and the person on the receiving end is just taking. Now, I do have the tendency to give people and their intentions the benefit of a doubt. However I'm starting to believe i may be just a bit nivea in expecting people who you are genuine with to be genuine with you. Really who in 2013 still believe that you can get everything from putting in nothing? In relationships no matter its logistics you have to be given enough respect from both ends for each person involved to feel that's it's beneficial. And right now I don't feel I am benefiting at all! Maybe cause I  don't even know what the relationship is. LOL I have this personal belief that if you are not benefiting in your relationships in a way that allows you to be your awesome self, its time to cut ties. Even if pre-mature! I know it may not be the best personal belief. But I can get tired of listening to friends all day give pointless advice because some of the things they are willing to endure personally I am not! It may be time to JUST SAY MOVE ON! I am just not that desperate to be loved with conditions. It's like saying to woman, "You need to lose weight." Meanwhile back at the ranch he's cheating with someone much bigger. Like dude you really trying to play me? NEXT! There are a lot of things I find desperate about being in love. But to an extent I feel like you have to be desperate to an extent or you'll be alone. You do things you regret and say things you later find absolutely corny. Yet there is nothing more gratifying than that the unspoken emotion you get through your body whenever that persons name comes across your phone screen or the electric shock you have at the thought of the great sex you've had. Is it all worth it? I mean waiting around until the person you're in love with realizes and respects that you've been so loyal that they should settle and spend their life with you. But really you are not who they want. I've heard a lot guys say that and I find it sad. But then again, what do I know?

Just a random thought!


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