Never have I ever given a dang on about people having babies until I had one and she has done a full turn around on my life. Since then I want more, well some days I want plenty more. But since having Autumn every time someone announces they are with child I get all excited and tingly inside. It's like having a big slice of sweet potato pecan pie from my favorite restaurant Papadeaux!

I personally know a hand full of people who are expecting and then there are celebs; Eva Marcille, Vanessa Simmons and Torrey Smith who recently posted the cutest announcement. Either way all these announcements are starting to force people to find more creative ways to announce their bundle of joy. It seems the way you tell everyone is now just as important as the baby's health. (lol)

It's just amazing to see how the world changes and how people are forced to become more and more creative at simple things. I love it personally because I think everyone should be creative. The world would be very different... Either way I'm wondering what's next when it comes to announcing your bundle? or a new job? Graduation? Hell anything...  We'll just have to see!

AND congrats to all who are expecting!


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