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 I am woman

Every time I pick myself up from the world knocking me off my feet, I become even stronger

I cook, I clean, I love, I work, I bare the children and raise them up sometimes by myself with no thank you apparently because I am woman

I want to cry, give up, fight back, condemn, scream out but I can’t they said because I am woman!

How can the same power that I hold be used to condemn the abundance, in which I maintain but they say it’s because I am woman

I have built countries, kept families together, been the back bone of every song you sing but I guess I am not human.

Because I am woman

I too want to cry out for help, ask my daddy to just say I love you, I honor you, I am here…

I too want to have the power to walk away from my responsibilities, love with no strings…

I too want to praise and worship God and not have to worry about what you think…

I too want to be okay with just beans and rice and live in my bullshit like life has no price

But to be woman is to have a price! A standard! Strife!

I am his wife because I am woman, The mother because I am woman, I inspire because I am woman, I change lives and history because I am woman, I brake chains because I am woman, I create because I am woman,

I should never be forsaken because I am woman!

So because we are women we should not be backbiting, jealous, crabs, full of pettiness and mess.

We should be coming together to use our power for things greater than ourselves. To be considered human when everyone else says , “Who cares?”

Because just like you I have a price, a standard, a strife though I may not live your exact life… I am woman.

I am proud to be your sister, I am proud to be your daughter, I am proud to be your niece, but more than anything I am proud to be me… And if that counts for anything I am proud to have been blessed a  WOMAN!

Because everybody aint able!

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