R.I.P. Maya Angelou

Yes i know you are thinking, "girl you are lateboots!" Actually I am not! At least for me. 
I never really knew Maya Angelou as a person outside of what i saw and read on Tv or in magazines but she has truly inspired my life and therefore this post is right on time for me.
Outside of my mom, Langston Hughes, Richard Wright and Malcolm x, Maya Angelou has been a hugeee inspiration to my life. We share so many similarities in our childhood experiences that she was my light at the end of the tunnel. When I first heard of her passing I couldn’t stop the tears from fuming down my face. Like I literally couldn't not get out of bed for hours. (Shit, I am in tears as I type this.) Maya Angelou holds a very special place in my heart not for just her writing abilities or her poetry but she has always inspired me to not just be a light but also to see the light no matter how dark it gets. And trust me, it has gotten dark. I used to watch interviews of her and the little tad bits and it always seemed like she was talking directly to me. As if she was forcing me to accept my differences, forgive those you caused me harm and encourage myself and others into happiness. Growing up my biggest problem was accepting that I was a bit different. Not in a drastic way but I knew I was not as people tell me all the time "not normal." If there is even a such thing! But I will try to explain it this way I can even still to this day be in a room full of people I love and who love me and still feel completely alone. As if no one understands or no one cares or no one even notices.  I have never knew why I am this way still don't. But It's extremely hard for me to explain, for now anyway. I've never understood a lot of why i was who I was until I grew to accept who i was and accept God's call on my life. (that's a whole other story) However, Ms. Angelou gave me that inspiration that I needed and I Thank you!
I know your are resting in peace but I just want to say thank you! Thank you for sharing your light with this young girl and many young girls who needed someone to tell us what we needed to hear to find peace with something's and some people in our lives. Thank you for telling us to "be careful how we are talking to ourselves because we are listening." Thank you for giving me hope through your words, encouragement through your words, self- acceptance through your words, and light through your words. Thank you!
You will be miss...


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