Love Harder Limited Edition T-shirt

Love Publicity recently launched an limited edition tee shirt collection that will promote an ongoing initiative to encourage self-love and mentoring. Love Harder Tee Collection, was created not only with fashion in mind but also charity. When you buy a Love Harder t-shirt partial proceeds from sales will allow you to choose from one of the two charities you'd like your funds to go to;  The Urban Rose Foundation and Me, Myself and I Teens.

The shirt will be available for purchase July 7, 2014 until September 2014.

Love Harder is a great way to bring the topic of self-love and self-esteem to the forefront and
encourages unity. The tees are available in a cropped tank in white, with pink and yellow available for a limited time, as well as a crewneck available in white.

Love Harder wants you to “Never forget to love yourself harder” and to get involved in helping others through charity.

For more information please check out Love Harder online and pre-order your Shirt!


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