Retouched CoverGirl Ad Calls Out Domestic Violence in NFL

In the wake of the Ray Rice domestic abuse dispute Covergirl has decided to boycott with on one of their many NFL ads. The young model above is now shown with a black eye. Covergirl says though many of the corporate supporters have not come under fire, domestic abuse victims are known to use make-up to cover their bruises.

I have to say i have not watched my team (49ers! HATERS) since. I am totally against domestic violence. whether it is towards men or women, i believe people should keep their hands to themselves PERIOD! I watched my mother growing up be beat and it really hits a note with me. I do however know for a FACT that people can change because after years of separation my mom and my step-dad are back together and everything is great. I don't think Ray Rice should no longer play football but the way he dragged her out of that elevator and acted like he was so irked that she would not come back conscious was to much for me. People deserve second chances. But they need serious help! (Source)


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