20 Players From Snoop’s Youth League Commit to College

I have always been a huge Snoop fan. Despite what people perceived of him as a rapper, something about him always came off to me as a man with a good heart that loved people. Therefore, it ways no surprise to me when he decided to start his Youth Football League (SYFL). If I am correct the league was started in an effort to provide opportunity for inner-city children to participate in youth football. That league has done awesome things for the kids and today i want congratulate Snoop, SYFL and some of the players from that league who have committed to play football at Division 1 (D1) colleges. 

1. Donzell Roddie — Boise State 
2. Kyahva Tezino — San Diego State 
3. Jeremy Kelly — San Jose State 
4. Damon Wright — Boise State 
5. Kameron Powell — Washington State 
6. Cordell Broadus — UCLA 
7. Iman Marshall — USC 
8. Shawn Wilson — Oregon State 
9. Malik Psalms — Cal Berkeley 
10. Stanley Norman — Arizona State 
11. Cameron Hayes — Hawaii 
12. Kenya Bell — San Jose State 
13. Justin Calhoun — Montana State 
14. Jeremy Calhoun — Montana State 
15. Taj Jones — Idaho State 
16. Mike Bell — Fresno State 
17. Jericho Flowers — UNLV 
18. Kevin Scott — USC 
19. Dominique Davis — USC 
20. Jaelon Barnwell — Alabama State University 

 I truly have always admired people who use their influence to push others into creating their own positive influences. It's a great accomplishment outside of everything Snoop has done as a musician. Being an role model in its different forms is a huge job sometimes. But I love seeing people who do it effortlessly. 

 I am also truly proud to see young men be encouraged and pushed in the right direction despite all that this world shows them. Greater things are in store for these young men and I hope they use their future influence to influence our young men as Snoop has for them. I wish all these young men well!


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