Akon Is Lighting Africa

When God blesses you, it's important to bless those connected to you. This is something I live by. It's of course been rephrased however, it still holds the same power.

If you haven't heard already mega star Akon plans to launch 'Akon Lighting Africa,' which is an initiative that aims to bring electricity to 600 million Africans.The institution is scheduled to open this summer. The initative will try to give African engineers and entrepreneurs the skills needed to develop solar power.To those who didnt know Africa has 320 days of sunshine a year and the organization has said in a recent statement that solar energy is an ideal way to enable those without electricity to get it.

"It (music) would open the door to bigger and better things in my life and I can be able to pass on with a legacy, and my name can ring towards development of a full (African) continent." ~Akon

I really love seeing people put back into what has made them who they are. Akon who has been off the scene for some time has an awesome plan ahead. I absolutely respect his plan and I encourage him. 


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