Daily Teachings via a Friend!

A good friend is truly an inspiration. I can honestly say that God has blessed me with some women who make me a better person all around. Sisterhood has become a very important aspect in my life. The older I get the more I realize it is harder to find women who challenge you, educate you, push you, encourage you, listen and have concern for your well being and ones who know what the true meaning of friendship is.

I have this one friend, Charon! (Hey Roni) who always gets me together, lol. Nearly every morning she sends me some sort of inspirational quote or message. I look forward to those messages because a good bit of the time, they are right on time. So a few days go she sent me this message and I have to tell you it was definitely right on time. I can honestly say that there has been something that has been trying to get me to run from everything that God has been laying out in front of me. I mean, literally finding excuses and finding ways to say maybe I am not worthy of that. But she has been making sure that when i bring that mess to her she throws it back at me and tells me i need to regroup. Not to say I am insecure because i truly am not! I have issues of letting go in fear sometimes of things getting out of control. I am so used to people dropping the ball that I expect it now so I just try to depend on myself. So that i can control the outcome so that I will not be looking like a fool in the end. I get really haywire. Because babeeeeee when I can say that this year for sure (and last year), I KNOW, that I KNOW how much I deserve everything that is good that I am being blessed with and more! Oh, I know.

Which brings me to this photo she sent me a few days ago. You know, I do believe that the energy that you put out into the world is the same energy you will get in return. I also believe that God will never forsake his promises to you. (which is why in prayer i am constantly reminding him of his words) I believe this year to be a miracle working year. I also believe and know what God has a plan for me because in so many ways consciously and unconsciously I have been making room for those things and people (ūüėú). My only concern is am I going to try to control what he has for me or am i going to let him do this job? Nobody can be God like God can! That's what I know for sure.


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