It has been awhile since I have done a Style Hit of the week but honeyyyyyyy I believe that I am right on time with it. So there is this BAD chick named Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman! (Yes! I had to put her whole name.) I follow her on instagram, I have seen a lot of her movies (I'm being honest) and must say she has truly blossomed into something rare at her age. I love her style! Words can not even explain how dope she looks sometimes, effortlessly!

First of all I am a sucker for women who appreciate their tomboy swag. (Because I myself have always been a tomboy) I love androgenic women. Any women who can pull together her feminine side and her tom boys side and make it work without question is pure genius to me. (everybody ain't able) Then again she is a dancer and most dancers I know how this really dope swag. (Most of them.. Not all of them have a sense of style.) She is cute, she's chic and she is very age appropriate in a time where a lot of young girls her age would prefer to promote sex unapologetic. She has a huge sex appeal without having to show a whole lot. Which personally is her choice. Not to throw shade at any other young person who likes the sexy style. Personally, I love when young people in the lime light live out their twenties as they should. That's the only time you can Fuk up and I be like, "she's in her twenties.. Let her live and learn." Heck I had it.

Either way, she is a great example of young style and that's why she is my STYLE HIT FOR THE WEEK (Or Month!) LOL!

I mean really.. Short hair, long hair, Brown hair, don't care! She looks a amazing. 


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