Poem: Phenomenal

I walk into a room cool as a breeze. 
People take notice like I was honey for bees. 
I'm not flashy or loud nor do I seek attention and in crowds. 
My inner mystery turns heads before my mouth ever makes a move.
I am calm, focused and sometimes way to damn cool.

I am not a size eight but I carry my weight well.
When another woman looks goods I am more than excited to tell.
I am not jealous or envious but I am working on my pride.
I never attempt to walk to home base, I know no other way but to glide.
I am unique in my own and a force on my own.

I write goals, give them to God and let him lead me.
I am not lazy, uneducated and I've never been sleazy.
I am at peace with myself, my choices and my failures.
I live in my own truth, I have no dream to try to sale ya.

Regardless of the road blocks I will always make it do what it do.
I am much bigger than what I am or what I have gone through.
My head will never hit the floor except to pray.

I am phenomenal, I work hard but I make room to play.
----Yashica M. Smith


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