My first couple for Style hit of the Week!

Now initially, I was browsing the world wide web to find photos of Ciara and her beauty (She has always been GAWgeous to me.) However, the more photos I saw of her and her new hubby I could not help but become excited yet again!!! YES, I have become a huge fan of Ciara's now that she decided to upgrade to a more mature seasoned man that compliments her so well. He's well spoken, great role model for her son and for once the good guy won!! but that is beside the point... These two together seem to be a true glimpse of magic. Fashion wise they always appear to be so effortless. I love everything about them. Couples that are always on point and complementary of the other always capture my heart.  
Their style individually are awesome but together its like peanut butter and jelly. Whether they plan the outfits out I really do not know but it works. They appear to be so effortless. I have noticed Ciara does like to show off her AWESOME legs! But I cant even hate because I want them for myself. Either way, this couple really makes me smile fashion wise and just because I am a woman who loves, love.
You know I don't know Future personally but I don't see the concern. This is a great other end of the spectrum for his son to see in a man. And anytime a woman can find a man who is willing step up and add to a child's life, that is a blessing!

Oh yeah and I think the simplicity of Ciara's outfit is just so cute and effortless. LOL




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