Embrace Your Greys

I'm only 34 and i have a head full of grey hairs. I've had them for several years now. Honestly, I've never been ashamed of them. I actually stopped coloring my hair because i wanted them to grow in and show as much as they could. But it brings me to the question of why do women dread having grey hair? What's wrong with aging? I can't see anything but beauty in them. It's apart of the aging process. I know a lot of women who do everything they can to stay young. But I am loving getting older. With age comes wisdom, stability, freedom on so many levels and this crazy confidence that i truly find amazing. Either way, Shutout to the beautiful Tia Mowry Hardict when most people hide them she also sees the beauty in embracing who you are. She recently stated about embracing the changes of her body.  She said, "Greys I see you, but guess what, that's okay. Because with grey hair, comes wisdom:)

Embrace your greys ladies! They are a beauty that speaks to where you are in life. We're just getting better with age. 


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